MONDO BOOKS is Lofoten International Art Festival 2015’s official bookstore.

NNKS galleri
27. sep 2015
28. aug 2015
Tir-søn: 11-20 Man: stengt

Mondo is an independent, artist-run bookshop that focuses on art publications, fanzines, and printed matter, mainly from young and newly established artists from the Barents Region. For the festival Mondo has assembled more than 150 publications by or relating to all artists participating in LIAF 2015. Additionally Mondo earlier this year made an open call to artists and artist collectives for zines, artists’ books, publications, posters, LP’s and prints related to the theme of Disappearing Acts – the title of this year’s LIAF – the result of which can be seen and enjoyed at Mondo Books.

The bookstore is also a reading space for visitors and artists and contains publications, printed matter, limited edition multiples from a lot of artists.


 About MONDO

Mondo is a non-profit mobile art bookstore established in 2007. Their goal has been to create a collective run stand for the sale of printed matter, LP’s and illustrations. Today Mondo operates with redistribution of unestablished artists’, musicians’ and writers’ works and is based in Tromsø Center for Contemporary Art. In addition to unique fanzines, printed matter and other knickknacks sell Mondo Tromsø Feil Forlag, Fysisk Format, Kønst, Ultra Eczema, Trusö, AAA Magazine, Torpedo Press, How is annie records, Hellebou, among others.

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